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The Five Retirement Myths

1. Buy and Hold Always Wins
Focus on participating in a strategy that still offers growth potential but protects against market losses. “Buy and Hold” can work with the right strategy.

2. You Can’t Make Big Returns Without Taking Big Risks
Many individuals believe that in order to receive inflation-beating returns, they must put their money at risk. The reason protecting against loss is so important is when your portfolio experience losses, your growth years simply work to get you back where you began.

3. Average Returns Tell An Accurate Story
Markets do experience negative years, so an averaging method will never work. Employ a strategy that never has to factor in a loss -a negative number- then the average return and the actual return in your portfolio will be the same.

4. You Can Effectively Manage Your Own Portfolio
The internet will always help you be just “one click away” from learning how to do something. With opinions always varying how can you ever know if something is right or wrong for you? Work with a well-trained, fully licensed financial professional. A person who cares a lot about you and your money will help you take the emotion out of it and help you to obtain your true objective.

5. If Something is Really That Good Everyone Would Be Doing It
Often times people mock and doubt what they don’t understand or haven’t experienced. Do you believe a strategy exists that can protect you against loss, while still offering growth potential? Do a little homework and check out the facts and figures for yourself. Prove it to yourself.


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