Complimentary Books and Handouts

Complimentary Books

Cross the Bridge to Retirement
Dolph Janis

The Five Retirement Myths
Patrick Kelly

Tax-Free Retirement
Patrick Kelly

Stress-Free Retirement
Patrick Kelly

Complimentary Handouts

5 Steps to Retirement Guide

Understanding a Roth IRA


Retirement Protection Packet

RMD Must-Knows

Overcoming the 7 Risks in Retirement

Charting a Course for Retirement

Protecting Your Financial Future in Today’s Market

Ready, Set, Retire! Packet

The Basics of Retirement Guide

Annuities vs. Certificates of Deposit

Tax Guide

Social Security Fact Sheet

Retirement Planning Questions

Planning Your Retirement Income Strategy

Yearly Checklist

What Do You Know About Retirement?

Tax-Free Retirement

8 Ways You Could Miss Out on Social Security Benefits

Benefits of a Fixed Indexed Annuity

Retirement Planning with Annuities

Complimentary Personalized Services

Services that are personalized towards your financial situation

Tax Map Strategies Report

Cash Flow Action Plan Report

Social Security Action Report

Where Do I Stand Plan

Annuity X-Ray

Long-Term Care Report

Medicare Analysis

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Complimentary Books
Complimentary Handouts
Complimentary Personalized Services